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Yoga and Digestion Support

Here we are, folks!  The end of yet another gorgeous summer filled with friends, vacations, and the oh-so-decadent summer barbecues!  We here at YogaOC hope you were able to reap all the benefits of our local yoga studios and stay in pique yogi condition–maybe even get into that feathered peacock pose you’ve been working so hard at?  But for now it’s time to discuss another physical benefit of yoga: digestion.  Some of those cookout foods that even the most dedicated yogis can’t avoid have a tendency to mess with our internal chi, and we’ve got the perfect blend of poses and foods to get your digestive tract back on, well, track!

Feeling a bit bloated?  Try these post-binge poses:

Downward Dog

Sure, inverting yourself after a heavy meal sounds like you’re setting yourself (and fellow party-goers) up for a disaster, but if you hold yourself through the slight discomfort, you’ll feel your stomach begin to settle.  That’s because this particular pose creates space in your stomach allowing for easier digestion.

One-Legged Seated Twist

We know, we know, twisting after a big meal?  No way!  However, maintaining the correct form will aid in proper digestion.  This stretch will help massage the abdomen and relax the internal organs, resulting in the relief of gas, bloating, and constipation.

One-Legged Wind Relieving

Yeah yeah, this one should be obvious based on the name alone but let’s review why it’s helpful.  Relieving those gases help to give room in your abdomen leading to better overall digestion as well as instantly feeling less bloated.

Daily poses for overall digestive health:

Floor Bow Pose

This pose massages the digestive organs as well as allows room for oxygen to move, which in turn prevents constipation.

Triangle Pose

The digestive tract reacts positively to any type of twist, as backwards as that may sound, so this type of pose awakens your intestinal tract.

Ready to incorporate some foods that will aid in detoxifying your digestive system?  Look for foods that are high in fiber, have complex carbohydrates, and low acidity to maintain the flow of nutrients as well as the lining of your digestive tract.  Some of our personal favorites include sweet potatoes, avocados, and cantaloupe.  Or try this recipe for Raw Apricot Oat Balls, which incorporates bananas and dried apricots—both of which are high sources of fiber and potassium—a no bake snack that’s perfect for yogis on the go.

Now that we’ve covered Digestion for Yoga 101, go forth and have a healthy, safe, and relaxing Labor Day weekend!